Spiritual intention jewelry and Yoga jewelry for Men and Women including Buddha jewelry, 7 Chakra jewelry and much more.

We are proud to carry only high quality, handmade artisan gemstone intention jewelry.  Our pieces include but are not limited to Buddha, Chakra, Om, Hamsa Hand and Lotus Flower jewelry pieces.  Be sure to take your time and browse through all of our collections.  You'll be pleased with what you'll find!

Caring Consciousness

We work to create our jewelry with a caring consciousness and positive intentions. While our existence can be challenging, we believe it is important to contribute to the happiness and well being of those who share this earth with us.  We do this through the design and carefully handmade artisan jewelry we create.

7 Chakra gemstone Om Bracelet | Lari's Jewelry Designs

The Importance of Symbology in Culture

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