About Me

My home is in beautiful Colorado and I am so fortunate to be surrounded by an abundance of natural inspiration.  I have sent my jewelry to wonderful people across the globe and it gives me a warm feeling of connection to the world family on every continent on this exquisite planet.

Here's my story:

I retired a few years ago from Colorado State University which is located in my home town of beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Prior to my CSU career, my husband and I owned a retail athletic fan wear store for 13 years. I created the graphic designs for the garments and had a great time doing it. It was so rewarding to see that our wonderful customers actually loved the artwork, too.  Even now, I see Coloradans still wearing my designs!

I really missed that fantastic feeling of accomplishment I felt every time I completed a design, so I started designing and making jewelry.  I had played with jewelry design for years, but now I wanted to see if I had the design talent and skill to make the kind of artisan quality jewelry that I hoped to create.  

Well, here we are!  The decision to begin my own jewelry business took a lot of introspection and business planning.  I've never looked back and I want to tell you that I love every minute that I spend designing, making and selling my jewelry pieces to my fantastic customers!

In conclusion, I want you to know that sharing the beauty of nature, love, peace and joy with you through my jewelry is such a joy for me. My wish is that these attributes transfer to the wonderful people who choose to wear my creations.  

Peace, love and blessings,